en·​caus·​tic | \ in-ˈkȯ-stik  \

Definition of encaustic

a paint made from pigment mixed with melted beeswax and resin and after application fixed by heat - (in my case I don't add pigment)

also the method involving the use of encaustic or a work produced by this method

For me, taking a photograph is often only a first step in the creation of an image. Often an image is great on it's own, but other times it calls for an additional step, or two, before I consider it complete. Whether the original image is created in the wet plate method, on film, or by digital capture, going an extra few steps can give the image a completely different look, feel and meaning.

What I am talking about, in this instance, is adding encaustic medium over a photograph. Encaustic medium is beeswax and resin, mixed and melted together and applied in its molten state over the image. By using various brushes and tools, texture and depth are added to the image in a way that a two dimensional image is not capable of on it's own. Other elements can be added to build on the image, such as oil paints, papers, and embedded objects.

The images I have created so far have been printed on matt photo paper and adhered to a wood panel. The size of the panels are 8x8 or 8x10 inches, though I have made smaller ones and am working on a 10x24 inch panel at the moment.

As I am relatively new to the process, I am still exploring and experimenting to see what I can create with this medium. Here are just a few examples of the work I have done so far.

I look forward bringing more of this work to life.