As a return to my photographic roots, I am only working in the analog processes of traditional film, and the wet plate collodion process for the making of photographs.

I offer a limited number sessions throughout the year  for portraits and commercial sessions.

Various camera and film formats are available:​

  • film - 8x10, 4x5, & medium format (6x7cm)
  • wet plate - 8x10 & 4x5, on glass or aluminum plate

Printing options include:

  • Hand-processed prints made in a traditional black and white darkroom
  • Digital prints from scanned negatives
  • Coming soon - hand-coated prints (cyanotype, vandyke brown, platinum/palladium)

Interested in a wet plate session? Here are some things to consider:

  • Make sure you allow enough time. This process is slow. All images are hand-made, one at a time. The process can not be rushed. Allow 4~5 hours for the experience.
  • This is not high volume photography. A typical session will allow for 5 to 8 plates to be created.
  • Natural, overcast light is best for this process. I work outdoors, on location, therefore sessions are weather dependant.

For fees and booking, contact:

 [email protected]

Cam & Vera Robinson - Hope Hill Farm, Salt Spring BC

8x10 wet collodion image on glass plate